Accessing Information for Your Community

This guide outlines the important role that access to information can play in the achievement of advocacy goals and the protection of rights in South African communities. It examines the legal right to information in South Africa and, using key issues that face many South African communities - access to housing, water, education and employment - illustrates the ways in which access to information can help communities to realise other rights.

Eighteen years after democracy, many historically disadvantaged communities in South Africa continue to face problems of inadequate housing and lack of access to basic services, such as water. Poorly resourced schools mean that children in such communities are receiving a sub-standard education and financial constraints mean limited higher education opportunities for most. These challenges are compounded by high levels of unemployment, with a quarter of the country without work.

Despite the impact of these challenges on everyday family and community life, most communities have little or no information about what the government is doing to address the problems. The guide highlights the way the right to information can be used to empower communities to participate in their democracy and enforce their rights.

Download Accessing Information for Your Community.

This guide was made possible through the generous support of the Open Society Foundations and Atlantic Philanthropies.




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