From the trenches of the Marne to the hills of Rwanda: reflections on 100 years of war, genocide and mass violence - programme of events from 11/11/2014 - 10/12/2014

Nancy Nkoko is the FOIP intern at SAHA and she has been reading the Centre for Environmental Rights' Report titled Money Talks:Commerical Interests and Transparency in Environmental Governance.
SAHA reflects on a century of warfare with posters from the archives.
SAHA's Freedom of Information Programme bids a fond farewell to Kathryn Johnson and welcomes new staff!
SAHA joins countless others in mourning the passing of long-time colleague, activist, funder and friend. Please join in celebrating an extraordinary South African and a life well lived in Cape Town this weekend.
SAHA invites educators to participate in a workshop on the historic sinking of the troopship SS Mendi during the First World War and get discounted tickets to theatre production about the SS Mendi.
Lloyd Ross reports back on Shifty September - celebrating 30 years of seditious sounds and 20 years of democracy.
SAHA invites graduates with a keen interest in archives and human rights documentation in South Africa to apply for a 6 to 12 months archival internship starting in 2015.
A series of events to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of the First World War; the 75th anniversary of the start of the Second World War and the 20th commemoration of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda that targeted the Tutsi minority.
These posters were produced by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as part of a campaign to promote awareness of its work and to encourage victims to give testimony to the TRC.
As we commemorate the anniversary of the handing over of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report to parliament in 1998, we take a look at how little has been done to build on the ideals that underpinned the TRC's initial establishment.