A report back on the screening of "A snake gives birth to a snake" in commemoration of 20 years since the TRC and 22 years since the Rwanda genocide in 1994.
This short piece commemorates the life of Ann Harris Wolfe, who was an anti-apartheid fighter and the widow of John Harris.
‚ÄčTo mark the 20th anniversary of the first public hearings of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, SAHA will be hosting a workshop for educators on teaching the TRC in the classrooms.
The Timol Family Trust will be hosting a screening of the documentary Indians Can't Fly in the Old Fort at Constitution Hill on Tuesday 03/05/2016.
On Thursday 5 May 2016, the HMRC will be hosting a screening at Constitution Hill of "We Never Give Up II" which follow the stories of Khulumani Support Group members in the Western Cape, who suffered multiple atrocities during apartheid.
SAHA notes the critical role the Human Rights Commission has historically played as a watchdog over PAIA compliance and the need for the fast tracking of the setting up of the office of the Information Regulator.
Despite strict regulations put into place by Treasury Public-Private Partnerships are able to shift responsibility with relative ease and are avoiding transparency
The SAHA team reports back on its "Teaching the TRC" workshop held last weekend in conjunction with 20th anniversary of first TRC public hearings
Thursday 14/04, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the first public hearings on the TRC, saw the launch of 2 exhibitions reflecting on the legacy of this much lauded memory for justice initiative
The DOJ's inconsistent application of blanket over-redaction to TRC records once again demonstrates deeply worrying non-compliance with PAIA and failure to consider the public interest override.

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